Learn to DeStress and Find Satisfaction in Everyday Life

Stressed? Out of Balance?

Life can sometimes feel like a struggle. Simply coping with daily challenges, schedules or health issues can take a toll on our well-being and life. A build up of stress and tension without relief can wear us down physically, emotionally and mentally draining our energy and joy.

At times we have moments that force us to wake up, that grab our attention. These moments happen when we least expect. Feeling ‘stressed’ and out of balance is one of those moments.

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Wellness Coaching

As human beings we desire a felt sense of energy and aliveness plus engagement in experiences that make life meaningful, satisfying and productive. Too often there is a gap between where we are now and where we want to be.

Our physical emotional state is often connected to messages that our inner self is trying to offer, a guiding voice and healing resource. Paying attention to the messages of the body mind presents an important pathway to truth, wholeness and life satisfaction.

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Workshops and Classes

To feel and function at our best we need constructive and productive ways to deal with physical emotional tension and recharge ourselves in everyday life. Workshops and private yoga sessions offer various tools and experiences that can help restore balance in the body mind system.

Learn how to tap into your body and gain access to inner resources you may not have had before. Connect with a deeper intelligence that knows what allows you to destress and thrive in daily life.

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People I Work With

The people I work with often feel ‘stressed’ and out of balance. They often desire to feel whole and fulfilled across the interconnected aspects of their life. Most seek guidance and support for relieving tension and stress and finding satisfaction in everyday life.


I guide people on their journey, as I live it, inspire it, teach it. Those I work with can expect:


  • A somatic embodied approach for addressing physical emotional tension along with new life skills for activating the best version of themselves. Together, we clarify HOW they can live well, what needs to change and then take steps to move in that direction.

  • Guidance in tuning into their inner self, using their body and life experience as a resource for insight and making purposeful choices for health and well-being.

  • Support creating self-replenishing, enjoyable micro-practices that help them to optimize their health and personal energy in the midst of everyday life.

It’s Never Too Late to Live Well

What if, you decided it was time to stop listening to the world of buzz and start listening to what really matters for your health and wellbeing?


What if, you decided it was time to turn off the mental chatter that fills up your head and listen to the intelligence of your whole body?


What if, you awakened a real fire in your belly to get you going, and actually opened up to the full spectrum of possibility available to you in the moment?


What if, you did all of this with the self-compassion, wisdom and skillful action that just so happens to bring you what you yearn for?


What if, right now, you had a trusted guide to help you get on your right path to optimal wellbeing?


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