Feel more fully alive than before.

Feel energized, more calm and confident.

Sense deeper meaning and purpose in what you say and do.

Be deeply satisfied with what you’re creating for yourself and others.


Wellness is living your life mindfully in ways that optimize health and satisfaction in everyday life. Think about a day where you felt fantastic, overflowing with energy and enthusiasm for life.  A felt sense of joie de vivre — that’s wellness. Energy and aliveness are two important components of wellness. Yet, some of us can’t remember the last time we felt this way.

Oftentimes we know “what” we want to change — lose weight, destress, get more exercise, end overwhelm and exhaustion, recover health, find meaning and purpose, simplify life — but it’s the HOW to do it, and HOW to make it sustainable that we need assistance with.

I help you connect the dots between who you think you are and the best version of yourself, then begin shaping your life to meet your core needs. My intention is twofold. First, I help you become aware of and understand what motivates you to make your desired changes from the inside-out. Second, I encourage you to identify and take small steps toward the best version of yourself.

The wellness coaching process uses body mind tools within the realm of somatic coaching and psycho-spiritual psychology that put you in touch with your body’s whole intelligence. The body is an integral part of the human system and constantly communicating its needs. By retrieving the messages the body mind offers by way of symptoms, habitual patterns and life challenges you can chart your right path to what enlivens you. It’s all a matter of choice and within your capabilities.

The goal of Wellness Coaching is practical and tangible: helping you to be more your self and discovering your best way to live.  And it comes down to tuning into your body’s wisdom to discover what’s true and then living from that truth to find satisfaction in everyday life. The journey in becoming the best version of yourself includes:

  1. A body-mind focus which is different to the usual “thinking about it” way we traditionally view ourselves and our lives,
  2. Recognizing what’s happening in your life, including how you experience tension and stress in your body, along with the ‘root’ of  imbalance,
  3. Gaining clarity about what you need and what is best for you by exploring what wellness, balance and fulfillment mean to you,
  4. Befriending your body as an important resource for self-awareness, accessing wholeness and well-being, identifying and meeting your needs and values, plus heightening emotional intelligence,
  5. Paying attention to the choices you make (and don’t make) about what you need and the best way for you to live,
  6. Acting with clear intention on WHAT you can DO to be the best version of yourself.

Willingness to give attention to your internal experience in all the ways that it speaks to you, leads to:

  1. A sense of release and relief on many levels, and a tangible experience of acceptance and peace,
  2. An increased feeling of energy and aliveness, two important components for higher levels of wellness,
  3. Confidence in your capacity to make healthier choices for what is best for you and your life,
  4. Optimizing personal energy and health amid the demands of everyday life,
  5. Clearing out emotional, mental and physical energy drainers, and
  6. Moving toward experiences and associations that bring you a sense of purpose, renewal and wholeness.

Leading your life anchored in your body’s wisdom is a far better path to optimal well-being than relying solely on external drivers, or “outside voices”.

“Saying yes to possibility is a gift we need to accept. Held back by fear or comfort, we say no. Unsure of ourselves, we turn away. Lacking confidence, we stay put. But just saying yes to some of the many invitations that we are presented with every day allows the unfolding of possibility: that possibility of being better, more of who we truly are. Saying yes to the call of Self is our single most important piece of work”- Dr. Didi Firman, author and professor of psychology.

1:1 Guided Sessions