lotus (sketch)


While most of us yearn to optimize our health, wellbeing and lifestyle, getting there often requires moving through new and challenging territory that can be difficult to successfully navigate on our own.



Many of us feel ‘stressed’ in our daily lives — not only due to packed schedules and the incessant demands of what we do, but also because we simply grow tired of feeling unhealthy and disconnected.

Stress and tension is fundamentally about imbalance. Stress is what arises when our physical emotional needs and values are not being met in one capacity or another. The main reason they aren’t being met is because we haven’t consciously recognized, identified and embodied them. In our fast-paced world this happens multiple times each day.

A life with more joy has a lot to do with your capacity to relieve stress and tension in more creative ways. You can learn to look at your life from the inside, from your own direct experience of what’s actually happening within yourself and your life. By paying attention to your body, you can connect with a deeper intelligence that truly knows what is needed to thrive in daily life.

Imagine a quiet space: where you have the tools to recharge, slow down and listen to your inner wisdom so you can begin to chart your own right path toward what enlivens and fulfills you in daily life. Where might you find yourself in three months, or a year from now?

“Your inner voice is the wisdom of your entire self as it makes itself known to you. It expresses itself in many ways; as impulses, as urges, as body feelings, as a sense of knowing what you need and what to do, as a deep desire, and sometimes as a wisdom that can seem to come from beyond your physical body. Your inner voice directs you toward greater fulfillment in your life the way a flower turns toward the sun.”
Dr. Helene Brenner

Wellness Coaching