“My relationship with Sharon came about at a time when I was already in a positive change mode.  With her guidance and support I was able to clarify my intentions, while addressing several areas of my life that had the potential to derail my aspirations. Following her guidance, I was able to face some difficult situations and make progress in understanding how to cope with them, not just short-term but on an ongoing basis. With an increased awareness of my values, and of how they underline all that I do, and all that I am, I’m looking forward to the coming chapters in my life.” — Diane Palmason, Courtenay, BC


“Coaching with Sharon has been an interesting journey — full of surprises and great learning for me. I had been experiencing high and unhealthy levels of stress on a full-time basis – both at work and in relationships. Through a very skilled coaching process, Sharon guided me through questions and images that provided great insight into my stressors. She also helped me develop very effective strategies and tools that allow me to get out of a high-stressed state within minutes. I have found that both the intensity and frequency of my stress has diminished by at least half. My personal relationships have benefited and I feel more peace in my life – which was one of my goals when I started coaching.” — Sharon B., Courtenay, BC


“I was feeling somewhat anxious about how I was going to balance my new work responsibilities and schedule with that of my family responsibilities and my own personal needs. Having taken time out from a 22 year professional career to raise our now 6 year old son, I was feeling overwhelmed at the idea of now taking on new work responsibilities. Working with you by phone over two months helped me focus on what is important to me — my anxiety decreased within the first 2 sessions. I feel much more productive in my work and family life, and I am more forgiving toward myself. Life is good, and our coaching sessions helped guide me to that place where I can rejoice in how good it is! Sharon has a unique and supportive coaching skill that I have recommended to others!” — Diana, Squamish, BC


“I came to see Sharon for coaching in developing healthy relationships. I had no idea what to expect and the very practical tools she provided, from ways of centering, to embracing one’s shadow side, created a real inner shift that was nothing short of transformative. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done!” — Jennifer Thompson


“I benefited enormously from this 7-week program — especially the recognition at a deep level that I really do need to care about and care for myself. Some of the insights have allowed me to make significant steps toward improving my health and overall well-being. I feel much better equipped for leading a happier life.” — Dania Sheldon


“I found the mindfully developed program flowed with a consistent, yet gentle approach to assist my personal self discovery. I believe that the experience and knowledge I walked away with is the greatest gift I could give myself. I am now aware of the self-damaging messages I was living with and replaced them with a bliss I so greatly deserve. Thank you for giving me the insight I have been waiting for.” — Serena Rotter


“This course has given me new insight into how important my relationship with my inner self is. I have learned new methods to connect with my feelings and have a kinder, more confident relationship with myself. This has been a positive experience and I feel much more peaceful” — Joan, Courtenay, BC


“Twice now I’ve attended retreats entering each weekend curious but non-expectant, and leaving with some truly life-altering changes in mind. I’m so lucky to have had the chance to follow up both times, bringing everything in my life, and consequently in the lives around me, into much better balance and harmony.” – Carla Wilkie, Squamish


“Attending one of Sharon’s retreats is a unique and uplifting experience. The retreats are defined by the rare balance of yoga, mindfulness practice, personal growth, positive group dynamics and fun. The energy Sharon brings to the retreats is inspiring, nurturing, collaborative and joyful. These are more than retreats they are also places to meet interesting people, relax, energize, connect and explore.” — Amy B., North Vancouver